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Purpose of the FEMA Dome Community Safe Room

fema dome community safe roomThe FEMA Dome Community Safe Room at Siebert Elementary School will be opened when an evacuation order has been issued in the community due to an impending tornado or other potential emergency. This Community Safe Room is intended to save lives by providing a safe space that has been designed and constructed to resist wind forces, wind-driven rain, and debris impact from a storm or event. It is equipped to provide only the basic essentials in order to protect the occupants and support its intended purpose (e.g., potable water, minimal food [snacks], basic sanitation, basic first aid, and some electricity). Since the purpose is life safety for a minimum specified duration, the Community Safe Room does not provide beyond these essentials.

The FEMA Dome Community Safe Room will go into “Operations Mode” for any of the following:
red bullet During the regular calendar school year, and during regular school hours, the Safe Room may be opened at the discretion of the administration of EISD when the administration feels that weather conditions are such that the safety and well-being of the student population might be at risk. School administration will notify the Community Safe Room Manager should they activate the shelter under this criterion.

red bullet Issuance of an active tornado warning by the National Weather Service for the immediate Eastland area or a warning issued for a neighboring area and radar tracking indicates that there is a potential for the storm to impact the city.

red bullet The National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center forecasts indicate that there is an extremely high probability of a severe weather outbreak occurring within the greater Eastland area, and tornadoes are likely.

Process for accessing the FEMA Dome Community Safe Room in the event of an emergency which occurs outside of normal school hours:
red bullet The county Judge will declare a “state of emergency”
red bullet First responders are notified to open the FEMA dome
red bullet The community safe room will be opened to the public when a tornado warning is issued. The established process for the community early warning system include alerts from the National Weather Service and EISD Administration Office, as well as public Nixie alerts. Fire Department emergency pages notify the public to take necessary protective measures in the event of a tornado warning being issued.
red bullet Once notified the Safe Room has been opened for an emergency outside normal school hours, the Community Safe Room Manager will alert Safe Room staff in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures to report as soon as possible to the Safe Room; relieve First Responders on site; and take over responsibility for the Safe Room Operations for the duration of the emergency event.

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