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Building PermitsThe purpose of permitting is to protect the health, welfare, and safety of the public through the enforcement of building standards and codes. The City of Eastland began requiring and issuing permits with the adoption of their Buildings and Building Regulations Ordinance in 1974.

Sec. 5-16. - Creation of city permit department.
The City of Eastland shall hereby create the permit department for the city. The city manager shall appoint staff to the permit department, including, but not limited to, a permit officer. The city manager or his designee shall be responsible for the organization of the permit department and supervision of permit department staff.
(Ord. No. 440, ยง I, 4-28-74; Ord. No. 663, ยง 1, 4-16-03)

Sec. 5-18. - Permit required; fine.
It is unlawful for any person to construct, modify or install any water or sewerage system within the city or to construct or modify any new or existing structure therein unless a building permit has been issued therefor in accordance with the terms and provisions of this article. Any person who violates this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by fine not to exceed $200.00.
(Ord. No. 440, ยง III, 4-28-74)

Building Permits

Accessory Building: A subordinate building located on the same lot as the primary building the activity of which is clearly integral to the permitted use of the main building.

Structure: A building of any kind or any piece of work built or composed of parts joined together in some definite manner. Anything constructed or erected, the use of which requires more or less permanent location on the ground or attached to something having a permanent location on the ground, including but not limited to fences, advertising signs, billboards, lighting standards, etc.

Building Permits

The Building Official reviews and inspects all commercial and residential building requests. All types of residential construction work require building permits from the City of Eastland’s including:

  • Fences
  • Accessory buildings or storage sheds
  • Carports, patio covers or pergolas
  • Residential new construction, room additions, remodels, roof replacement
  • Extending a driveway, patio or any other types of concrete work
  • Decks
  • Irrigation systems
  • Mobile home installation or relocation
  • Signage - promotional or permanent
  • Commercial - new buildings, finish-outs, remodels, additions, roof replacements

All of the above require a Permit Application. This is not an all-inclusive list. If you are unsure whether you may need a building permit, please call the Building Official at 254-629-8321 x14.

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