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MUNICIPAL COURT - Located in Eastland City Hall at 113 E. Commerce St.
Current City Judge - Pamela Chaney
Adjudication of Class C misdemeanor offenses and city ordinance violations punishable by fine only, payable by Money Order, Cashers Check, Credit/Debit card* or Cash.
Contact: Deputy Court Clerk/Associate Judge Dena Withers (254)629-8227.

Alternative options – The judge is only allowed to dismiss citations in very limited circumstances. You must contact the court for approval of alternative options. If you are financially unable to pay, other options such as payment plans and community service. If you are unable to complete alternative options or unable to pay, the Court will hear sworn testimony and evidence concerning your financial situation to help Resolve this matter. In severe situations, the judge can reduce or dismiss a fine and court costs upon hearing the sworn testimony, depending on the severity of your financial situation.

The Municipal Court accepts personal checks, money orders, & cashier's checks by mail and also accepts credit card and cash payments in person.

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Eastland City Hall

113 E. Commerce St
Hours 8:00AM - 5:00PM