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City of Eastland Animal Control

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Normal Office hours Monday-Friday 8a-5p
Phone #’s:
Emergency 9-1-1
Non- Emergency: 254-629-1728
Animal Control Facility: 254-629-1700 Ext. 2
Police Dept.: 254-629-1700
After hours: 254-629-1728
Fee Schedule:
Adoption $15
Owner Surrender $25
Quarantine fee $75
Pick up fee $18 and $8 for each day the animal is impounded
Facebook link:  All animals picked up are posted on our Facebook page
All adoptions are by appointment only
Microchipping Available for $25.00 and available by appointment only
Personal Traps: Please communicate with an Animal Control Officer before setting the trap to ensure that an Officer is available to assist if need be.
Please note that we do not offer euthanasia services to the public!
If you would like to make a donation of any kind please contact an Officer at 254-629-1700 Ext. 2
We DO NOT pick up cats unless they are injured:
Sec. 4-4. - Running at large.
It shall be unlawful for any dog or other animal possessed, kept or harbored, other than a cat, to run at large.
(Ord. No. 689, 9-22-04)
Rabies tags shall be worn at all time:
Sec. 4-30. - Rabies tags.
Concurrent with the issuance and execution of the certificate of vaccination referred to in section 4-29, the owner of the dog shall cause to be attached to the collar or harness of the vaccinated dog a metal tag, serially numbered to correspond with the vaccination certificate number, and bearing the year of issuance and the name of the issuing veterinarian, if any, and his address. The owner shall cause the collar or harness, with the attached metal tag, to be worn by his dog at all times.

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