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This City of Eastland contracts with outside solid waste collections companies for all solid waste removal for the City. Currently the City contracts with Progressive Waste Solutions for these services.

To promote health and safety to the community by providing an environment free from hazards and unpleasantness of uncollected solid waste, with the least possible inconvenience to the citizens.

To provide proper collection, transportation and disposal of residential, commercial and industrial solid waste for the City of Eastland in the most cost-efficient methods possible.

Progressive Waste Solutions is responsible for the collection of solid waste for all residents and commercial establishments for the City of Eastland by utilizing collection dumpsters of various sizes. The company collects solid waste as follows: 1 - 5 times per week for commercial garbage collection. Once per week for residential containers. To see you collection day click HERE

Progressive Waste Solutions will repair and maintain all damaged or worn dumpsters and upgrade to new when possible. They will pick up brush, bagged leaves, bagged grass clippings, and debris as requested by residents, through their Bulk Pick Up services.

Residential Bulk Pick Up Services:

Brush and Bulk Item Collection

Bulk Pick Up Services are available on the first and third Fridays of each month. Residential (non-commercial) customers may contact City of Eastland to request Bulk Pick Up services during normal business hours 8 to 5, Monday through Friday by calling 254-629-8321 no later than 24 yours prior to a scheduled Bulk Pick Up Friday. Progressive Waste Solutions will NOT pick up bulk items at addresses not on the Bulk Pick Up list.

The following rules apply:
NO construction debris please! (see lists of items accepted and not accepted in next section below)

This free service is not available to: Commercial Customers, Apartments, Schools, Churches, Evictions, or Storage Units.

Progressive Waste employees are not permitted to go on private property to collect these items.

Place items at the curb (not in the street) no more than 48 hours prior to a scheduled pick up.

Bulk Items accepted are:
Brush (cut to 4 foot lengths, bundled, tied and each bundle must weigh 50 lbs or less) (limit of 8 bundles per pickup)
Sofa or Couch
Box Springs

The following items are NOT allowed:
Oil and Liquids
Paint or Paint Products
AC Unit
Gas powered Lawn Mower or Lawn Equipment
Automotive batteries
Brick, tile, stone and concrete blocks
Construction and remodeling debris (includes carpet, plywood, bricks, rocks, aggregate, cinder block, stone, mortar, sand, sheet rock, insulation, flooring, shingles, siding, steel roofing, glass mirrors, lumber).

City Convenience Center

City of Eastland residents, with a current, paid City of Eastland Utility bill, AND PHOTO identification, are allowed to make 1 (ONE) pickup truck bed size load drop off per month at no charge. Additional drop offs, or larger loads will be charged a fee. (See Attendant)

The Convenience Center is Open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. ONLY. Appointments Must Be Made No Later than 24 HOURS in ADVANCE By Calling the City of Eastland at 254-629-8321 During Regular Business Hours. The Center Will Not Be Open Tuesday, Thursday, Weekends or City Holidays.


Trees/Brush cut to a maximum of 6 foot length. This service is only for Eastland residential or businesses customers. NO COMMERCIAL TREE/BRUSH CLEARING SERVICES. NO lot clearing. For large tree clearing contact a professional company or waste hauler.
Household garbage items.

Building/Construction Materials and or Carpet - $15 per cubic yard
Wood Fence Materials - $15 per cubic Yard
(A CUBIC YARD is 3 foot x 3 foot x 3 foot)
Building and Construction Materials will ONLY be accepted from residential customers only. Building and Residential Contractors should contract for disposal of waste with Progressive Waste Services – 800-687-3390

Vehicle Tires - $5 each - Only tires removed from privately owned cars and pickup trucks may be dropped off. NO commercial, farm or heavy equipment tires accepted. Residential customers are allowed to drop a maximum of 4 (FOUR) tires per year.

The Convenience Center Does Not Accept:

Refrigerators, freezers or AC units (unless tagged by a professional stating the Freon has been properly removed)
Gas powered lawn equipment
Vehicle batteries
Oil, gas or other petroleum or chemical liquids

For large projects requiring roll-offs contact Progressive Waste Services for prices and details. 800-687-3390

Seasonal Bagged Leaf Collection

Beginning on the second Friday of December through the fourth Friday of March Progressive waste will pick up bagged leaves curbside for residential customers only on the second and fourth Friday of the month., Residential customers must call City Hall at least 24 hours in advance to be placed on the Bagged Leaf Pick Up list. A limit of 8 bags per pick up. Progressive Waste Solutions will not pick up bagged leaves: 1) not on a pick up list; 2) before or after the December through March months.

Residential Garbage Collection

Residential garbage is collected one time each week from 96-gallon, provided, curbside carts.
For those who may find one garbage cart with once-a-week collection inadequate additional carts can be requested. Additional Fees apply.

To see when your garbage collection day is, click HERE

For your remodeling and construction needs, Roll-off dumpsters are available by contacting Progressive Waste Solutions at 800-687-3390. ONLY PROGRESSIVE WASTE SOLUTION ROLL-OFFS ARE PERMITTED WITHIN THE CITY OF EASTLAND.

For more information contact City Hall at 254-629-8321.

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