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Eastland City Hall
113 E Commerce St
Eastland, TX 76448

8:00AM - 5:00PM

(254) 629-8321


City of Eastland
normally meets the
3rd Monday at 6:00 PM

Eastland Historic
Preservation Board
normally meets the
3rd Wednesday at Noon



Eastland City Departments

Animal Control
Animal Control enforces safety for our neighborhoods and provides care for stray and unwanted animals.

Temi Nichols, Animal Control Officer, Eastland Police Department (254) 629-1700.

City of Eastland Animal Control
NON-EMERGENCY 254-629-1728

Spay / neuter your pet
Pets are not allowed to run at large
All pets must be tagged
Vaccinate your pets

Did you know?

* 95% of all pets that do not wear an I.D. tag do not go home!
* 95% of all pets that wear an I.D. tag do end up getting home!

City Secretary
Need to find out about what happened at the last commissioners meeting? Find out about the election process and how you can participate in elections.

Shirley Stuart, City Secretary, Eastland City Hall.

Human Resources
Looking for employment? The HR department assists in the aid of employees and job seekers.

Shirley Stuart, City Secretary, City of Eastland.

Planning and Development
This multifaceted department oversees all development and long-range planning and zoning. It also maintains the maps which govern the land use in the City and authorizes permits for building in the City of Eastland.

Bill Dolen, Planning Director, Eastland City Hall.



Public Works
Public Works encompasses a variety of departments including Engineering, Streets, and Environmental Services.


Parks and Recreation

Check out the parks and athletic fields in Eastland. Eastland has 3 public parks: City Park, Friendship Park and Ringling Lake Park.

The Streets Department maintains roadways, traffic control systems and drainage infrastructure to ensure safe driving conditions. This department also maintains the City of Eastland's roadways in order to lengthen their service life and to provide safe driving conditions for the citizens. They also coordinate the traffic control systems and aide in the development and maintenance of drainage infrastructure.

The primary function of the Street Repair Crew is to make temporary and permanent repairs to the city streets including potholes, curb and gutter repairs, and sidewalks. The Street Repair Crew keeps roadways free of obstructions and works to eliminate line of sight problems. They also sweep major thoroughfares.

The primary function of the Drainage Control Crew is to repair and maintain the city drainage systems. These may include maintaining flow in culverts and road side ditches and other drainage structures within easements. The Drainage Control Crew also supports the Environmental Services with environmental control activities such as Mosquito Control.

The Traffic Control Crew maintains traffic signals, school flashers, roadway signage, and pavement markings. The Traffic Control Crew fabricates and installs new street name signs and various informational signs and installs regulatory and warning signs. They also assist the Emergency Response personnel in road closures due to storm and flood events. The Traffic Control Crew barricades and assists in controlling intersections in power outages.


Local Registrar
This department provides Eastland birth and death certificates.

Melissa Cook , Administrative Assistant

The Department of Finance is responsible for the stewardship of the City of Eastland's financial resources and is responsible for the execution of the city's annual budget, including managing its cash flow, debt and credit activities.

Leslie Zander, Director of Finance, City of Eastland.

Utility Billing
New to the area? Need to find out about your trash, sewer, or water service? Curious about our water quality? Drop by to pay your bill at City Hall (night depository available).

How do I arrange for NEW service or TRANSFER my service?

Michelle Riley, City of Eastland.


Code Compliance

Terry Simmons, Code Compliance Officer,
(254) 629-8321



Municipal Court
Located at City Hall - Adjudication of Class C misdemeanor offenses and city ordinance violations punishable by fine only, payable by Money Order, Cashers Check or Cash.

Deputy Court Clerk Dena Withers (254) 629-8227.


The Municipal Court accepts personal checks, money orders, & cashier's checks by mail and also accepts credit card and cash payments in person. Click the Traffic Payment logo for online payments.

traffic pay logo


The City of Eastland is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applications will be considered for all positions without regard to race, color, national origin, age, religion, sex, marital status, veteran status, or any other legally protected status.

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